The Joy of Journaling

Guest post by Mell Oliver from The Sunshine Bindery

Have you ever felt as though you had so much going on inside your head, that it all just felt too noisy, crowded or, even on some days, a little overwhelming? Well, you’re not alone! With so much of our daily routines nowadays being chock full of tasks, responsibilities and endless to do lists, it can really begin to feel like there is just too much going on, making it hard to keep track.

For me, this is where my daily journaling practice comes in. As a bookbinder, illustrator and owner of a quirky creative business, The Sunshine Bindery, I find that my job comes with wearing lots of different hats and, quite often, juggling many tasks at once. I have found over the years that cultivating a daily writing practice can offer a space to let all of that information flow out of my brain and onto the page, giving my mind some much appreciated clearing out time to get things in order, so that I feel more clarity to help make decisions and reflect on where I’m headed next. I’m a big fan of self care too, as I often struggle with bouts of anxiety, and I’ve found that writing and keeping a daily journal has really helped to keep my mental wellbeing calm and centred, as well as having a healthy outlet for my creativity.

Journaling is wonderful as an end of day winding down tool too; there is nothing quite like cuddling up with a hot cup of tea, some soothing music, my journal and favourite pen to truly give myself a few moments to fully relax without distraction from the world around me. I find that it’s really helpful to give our minds the space to really think and pour out all of those big ideas, daily thoughts, adventures you want to go on, dreams you’d love to see happen, joys and struggles you’re experiencing out onto the page, to have a moment to take stock of how you are truly feeling in the midst of it all.