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What it’s like to work at the Upcycled Home Co

Hi I’m Jess I’m 15 and I’m studying textiles and art which is one of the reasons I picked the Upcycled Home Co to do my work experience.

I have learned so much about how the shop works and that there is so much more to a business than standing behind a till . Whilst I’ve been here I have learned how to open and close the shop , how to make creative displays , how to talk with the customers , accounting, stock ordering and checking and how to use the till and the card machine .

I really like the store ethics because they involve local and fair trade artists . While I've been working here I’ve set up my own display of some of the Upcycled things I've made and I actually ended up selling one of the items I put out which was a really nice surprise because I wasn’t expecting to sell anything since I only put them out as a display of my art .

Also I've met a couple of the makers that sell their products here and they’ve talked about and showed me their creations. It was very interesting learning the process of how they create.

This week has definitely inspired me to really do what I enjoy, get a job in something creative and follow my dream .

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