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Taking an ethical and sustainable approach to chocolate making with Chocolarder.

There are lots of people selling chocolate around the world. So, what makes Chocolarder different?

We're Cornwall's only bean-to-bar chocolate maker, with a focus on ethical and sustainable chocolate making, and an emphasis on the use of plastic free packaging. You know all this; you've heard it from us before. But what exactly does it mean? And what makes Chocolarder different to others in the chocolate making landscape?

Control over every step of the process

Not all chocolate makers are mad enough to do every part of the process themselves. Some will buy in pre-roasted beans, for instance. Others don't actually do any of the making themselves and have a "melt and pour" process that uses chocolate they've bought elsewhere so that they can add flavourings themselves. But we at Chocolarder are mad enough to do it all ourselves, and it has become the thing that we pride ourselves on the most. We have control over every aspect of the chocolate making process, so every bar or truffle we produce tastes exactly how we want it to.

Making chocolate is an exact science. There are so many nuanced stages that go into getting the best flavour out of the beans and turning that into a finished product. That's what we love so much about chocolate: its versatility. Think of it similarly to wine; two different vintners can source the same fruit from the same vineyard and make two completely different bottles of wine. That's how we treat chocolate—it's something we've experimented with to get the best results, and should be savoured for the all the hard work that went into making it.

What is commodity chocolate?

If you haven't heard the phrase "commodity chocolate" before, let us tell you a bit about it. The inexpensive, plastic-wrapped chocolate that you can find in most shops is commodity chocolate and the people who make it want something completely different out of the chocolate making process. They aren't there to get the best out of the beans or to be thoughtful about the chocolate industry's impact on the planet. There hasn't even been enough of an improvement in slavery-free commodity chocolate yet. It's about making money and little else—we're one of the small number of companies trying to change that.

So, what are we doing differently? Well, we're taking steps all the time to do things in a way that is gentle on the planet and that gives back to the people who make the cocoa industry possible in the first place: the growers and farmers. Flavour is always at the forefront of our chocolate making process, but never forgetting for a second that we're committed to doing better. We've said it many times before, but we won't compromise—but what does that mean, exactly?

Well, we'd rather not make chocolate at all than just make chocolate for profit.

If reading this post has made you hungry, why not have a browse of Chocolarder's wonderful range of delicious bean-to-bar chocolate and see for yourself the incredible results they've created.

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