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Self love is the way forward.......

So that was 2020, what a year we all just experienced! No one saw that coming, but then none of us can see into the future all we can do is deal with what ever comes our way.

Every one of has been affected in some way, large or small by the events of this year, however that can be said for most years. We all travel separate yet intertwining paths and inevitably have highs and lows to deal with.

There are literally millions of blogs, websites, books, webinars etc etc all advising us on how to ‘cope’ with the ‘stresses’ of life and to be honest I find it overwhelming and a little stressful in its self as the pressure to keep fit, be kind, be mindful, sleep well, eat well, have the perfect home, family, life........(the list goes on) is exhausting.

What I have decided is that SELF CARE is paramount as without this how can we possibly strive to achieve anything? If we don’t value and nourish ourselves we cannot possibly expect to be the best we can be in whatever way we wish to be.

So my advice, should you wish to take it, is to ‘up your self care’ in what ever way enriches you, when you love yourself loving life and the journey you are on naturally becomes one in the same.

Happy 2021 all.

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