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Searching for the perfect gift this Christmas?

“I would rather not give a gift than give for the sake of giving.”

It’s a statement I say almost every day whilst wrapping up “the perfect gift” a customer has found in our lovely shop…and listening to the stories behind why it’s so perfect for their chosen loved one.

The joy in giving someone that “perfect” gift is not only in the joy of the recipient but also in the connection we feel as the “giver”.

Gifts that fill you with joy

We often give gifts to reaffirm or establish our connection with others, which means that they are a reflection of both the giver and the receiver, as well as their unique relationship. Giving a gift to someone we care about allows us to communicate our feelings and appreciation for them. We have all been given gifts that fill us with joy and those that leave us feeling a little deflated…but why do we feel that way? Well “it’s the thought that counts” is why. We attach meanings to gifts and those that have been chosen with thought and care shine out as those that have been hastily chosen could be interpreted as thoughtless…

Selecting “The Perfect gift” however can be a daunting task or an impossible challenge.

That’s why, at The Upcycled Home Co, we specifically stock items you won’t have seen elsewhere, something just that little bit more special. Our trained staff are on hand to help guide you towards appropriate and innovative ideas…and of course it goes without saying every product has been carefully chosen for its sustainability, ethos and is ”Ethically Sourced and Artisan Made”.

Top tips for finding the perfect gift:

1. Care.

Listen to and observe your recipient, tune into their needs, wants and desires.

2. Make it personal.

Give something that could only have come from you, something that maybe sparks a memory, helps them take the next step or just inspires them to try something new.

3. Think outside the box!

Allow yourself, as the giver, to be inspired. Gifts don’t have to be predictable.

As Christmas is the height of the “gift giving” time of year it can seem almost overwhelming when faced with sourcing your Christmas list, so we have put together some inspirational gift ideas to help you give the perfect gift this Christmastime.

Something that little bit different...

A collection of photographs, discoveries and natural history that is by turn atmospheric, quirky and fascinating. Many of the photographs are glimpses of the mercurial sea around Cornwall’s shores in all its moods, from jewel-like pools to waves powering into cliffs.

The perfect gift for a nature lover! A wonderfully unique addition to their garden. This Metalbird Robin is crafted in 3mm Corten® 'weathering' Steel to form a beautiful patina that changes with the seasons.

Bold bright florals which bring the outside indoors and give a cheerful accent to all interiors. This cheerful and fresh looking lampshade will make spring feel like it is all year round.

This limited edition, beautiful Ocean Plastic picture by Michelle Costello is inspired by our very own logo! A little bit of The Upcycled Home Co in your home...

I hope this selection of gifts have given you some great ideas. Of course not everything we stock is in our online shop, so why not plan a visit to us soon and check out the full range of our Artisan products.

If you book a creative workshop you also get 10% off your purchase on the day too! have a look at some of the amazing workshops we have coming up soon.

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