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Q&A with Claire Maxwell from Windswept Girlie

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to ask Claire Maxwell from Windswept Girlie a few questions all about her creativity and her business. Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy the read.

1. When did you first realise you were a ‘creative’?

I honestly can’t remember a time when I wasn’t. I have been painting, sewing, drawing, creating for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately my Mum no longer tidies up after me!

2. Thinking about your life & work, define what creativity means to you?

Going with the flow. I have always chopped and changed materials and also styles. At different points in my life I have made my living as a textile artist, ceramicist, painter and everything in-between. I find it difficult to define “what” I am as I use any tools at my disposal to create.

3. What prompted you to start your own creative business?

It was an organic process. After leaving Uni and having a grown up job which I hated I decided to take a year out to be an artist. I joined an artists Co-op which gave me the opportunity to explore my creativity and the platform to sell my work. The rest is history, I never got another grown up job!

4. How do you ‘feed’ your creativity/ what motivates you?

I just really love what I am doing. I have so many different styles that if I get a creative block on one project I just change to something a little more light hearted.

5. Who or what has empowered you to become the creative you are today?

Family. My Partner and my parents totally support and encourage my creativity, they know it’s such a integral part of who I am.

6. How much do you control your creative process, do you visualise your end product or flow your creative flow?

I tend to have an end product or product range in mind when I start a project. I suppose that’s the grown up bit of being a creative business.

7. In what ways do you use your creativity other than work?

I love making making my own clothes. There are so many fab indi pattern designers out there it’s so easy to find something a bit different.

8. Thinking about your creative business, define what success means for you?

That windsweptgirlie supplies so many lovely independent shops in Cornwall and Devon. I still have to pinch myself when I realise I make my living out of being creative.

9. How did the events of 2020 effect your creativity?

With all of my lovely indi stockists closing their doors in the first lockdown I realised I had to really push for on line sales. My tea towel craft kits have always been a great seller and I realised that people really wanted something to distract them. In March last year I started to create a whole new range of simple sewing kits. I now have 15+ different designs and they have been really popular.

10. Where is your creative ‘Happy place’?

Designing the sewing kits has been my happy place over the 12 months. They have kept me totally absorbed. The most lovely thing is the customer feed back, they have really made people smile!

I have a great selection of Windswept Girlie products available online and in store. Click here to have a browse.

Thanks for reading, Helen

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