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One thing at a time.....

"It always feels wonderful in here", " A real gem of a shop, wonderful atmosphere and a really warm, friendly welcome", "Beautiful, tranquil & relaxing shop"......

These are just some of the amazing comments left in our visitors book by some of our lovely customers.....I am constantly amazed at the compliments we recieve...."its always so calm in here" was one recently...... "if only they knew!" I thought, as my mind battled with a hundred and one things on my 'to do' list!

It got me thinking that people only really see the 'outside' of a person...a snapshot of their world and assume all is well when in reality pretty much all of us feel overwhelmed, under pressure or just 'down' at some point in our lives.

With Mental Health Awareness surrounding us in the press, online etc we wanted to do something positive for those who really are struggling to feel a part of society due to heath restrictions at this incredibly difficult time. So until the end of December we are now offering Private Shopping Experiences for those shielding, giving them an opportunity to get out and boost their energy levels and hopefully feel some of the positive vibes our customers already enjoy.

These are bookable online through the website, come alone or bring your 'bubble', no obligation to buy - just enjoy!

Meanwhile my new mantra is 'One thing at a time'


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