Nurdles Galore!......

A fun packed morning at The Upcycled Home Co!

It was a real treat to be joined by Michelle Costello @smartielidsonthebeach for a Marine Debris creative session.

Six ladies, (all fully masked up and social distanced 'bubbling' observed!) enjoyed using beach finds to create stunning artwork for their homes, friends & families.

Who knows what a Nurdle is? Well we do now! These tiny pieces of plastic are used to make literally all things plastic.......sadly millions of them are in our oceans and being washed up along our shorelines.

Nurdle Hunt!

To ensure we had enough material a few days before I spent a morning on a local beach with a friend sifting through the sand trying to find these mini first nothing, then one, two, three....once you saw one you saw hundreds and we soon had a bag full of 'goodies' amongst which were flip top lids, paint lids, straws and yes, even a Smartie lid...... so next time you are wandering our coastlines....look closer, take a bag and collect your findings.....who knows what you may find and what you could create......our group made a Schnauzer, a Turtle, Jellyfishes in mini skirts, flowers & fish........but better still think be for you buy plastics and always, ALWAYS RECYCLE & REUSE.

Check out our 'Workshop' page for details of our upcoming events.

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