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Hello 2016!

It’s a busy time over at The UpCycled Home Co – we are really excited about several new stockists joining us over the next few months – watch this space for more details……and we are also gearing up for our stand at The Stylish Lifestyle Show at Pentillie Castle this April – which we are proud to be sponsoring for the second year….an event that promises to be one not to miss!

As owner and founder of The UpCycled Home Co I am pleased to see the business going forward into our 3rd year of trading. We now open 7 days a week and The Barrow Centre has become a thriving destination full of amazing creators and artists which we love being a part of…there really is something for all and with The Stable Cafe serving scrumptious delights 7 days a week you will always find a warm welcome. I am constantly inspired to continue The UpCycled Home Co’s journey by the wonderful feedback we get from our customers….here are a few things people had to say about us in 2015:

‘Love the shop – it’s Uber Chic’ – Andrew
‘Best biscuit stop’ Colin (the terrier)!
‘Came in for cards – left with Penguins! You never know just what will catch your eye’ – Yoli
‘Best shop in Cornwall’ – Anne
‘So glad we came’ – The Jones Family

So what exactly is ‘UPCYCLING’?

Well it sums up the approach to today’s contemporary interiors. It is about telling the story of a previously loved item by reusing it in a alternative and unusual way – and everything has a story! It could be a old Fire Bucket now used as a funky umbrella stand or that wonderful old Jelly mould your Granny used for all your birthday parties growing up – now reused as a unique light shade for your kitchen. By Upcycling you will create a layered, individual approach to your home – one that is totally unique to you, so what’s not to love?

Why do I love it so much?

As a child growing up in the late 60’s and early 70’s we ‘UpCycled’ even then – it was just called being ‘thrifty’. I am passionate about waste and the effect it has on our planet – so to me anything that can be reused and given a new life gives me not only great pleasure but pure satisfaction knowing I am helping to keep landfill to a minimum. The feeling I get knowing that the items I UpCycle all have a history – (mine or someone else’s) attached to it is thrilling. I just LOVE seeing a piece that came to The UpCycled Home Co as something no one wanted, going home with its new owner who adores it and will cherish it for years to come.

Where do I source my collections?

The simple answer is EVERYWHERE! I am constantly on the look out for items I can Upcycle. The obvious answer is Charity shops, Vintage fairs, auctions etc however never over look the not so obvious…skips, junk yards, council tips even neighbours sheds! Once people know you WANT these objects you will be amazed at how many times you will be asked ‘can you do anything with this old thing I am about to throw out?’….music to my ears!

How do I decide what to Upcycle?

I try to look at everything with a ‘new eye’ so my favourite mug has been chipped and the handle has come off – do I throw it away as its no use as a mug any more? No, I still love it so I reuse it as a vase or pencil/plant pot…my sister still finds it amusing that a pair of old flowery wellies she abandoned on her last visit to Cornwall as they sprung a leak, now reside in my garden full of mint!!!! And as they grew up through various phases ( Peppa Pig to Batman) the children’s wellies are atop a beautiful hurdle fence in my garden – a real talking point and a quirky colourful feature all year round but more to the point a great time line memory! I use church pews for headboards, my brother in laws old school trunk for a coffee table and an old camera tripod for a lamp. It really can be that simple. Other times it can be much more demanding like the time I decided the wonderful Edwardian bookcase in my Father in laws office would make great wardrobes (he was retiring and they were going to the tip!) Everyone thought I was insane – until they saw the finished article;) Whatever the item is look for its character – sometimes you don’t need to do anything just reinvent another use for it – maybe a lick of paint or a vintage item added to a contemporary piece. Have fun and experiment…

What’s your next project?

Haha! Who knows? It’s just waiting for me somewhere out there!

So, whatever inspires you – try it – the process is most often as rewarding as the finished article. For more inspiration join me on my journey of rediscovery and pop in to The Upcycled Home Co for a warm, friendly welcome – and check out our stunning range of Earthborn Clay Paints – perfect for that Eco Chic look.

Happy ‘UpCycling’


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