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Guest Post: Alison Bick Designs

Handmade lampshades with bold florals and modern seashore designs.

I am Alison Bick, a designer living in Cornwall. My illustrations are digitally printed in the UK onto fabric, and I make each lampshade by hand.

I love bold colours, and especially the gorgeous colours created by nature.

Exotic Memories

I spent my childhood living in a group of islands called Vanuatu, in the Pacific. My parents were keen gardeners and my daily job as a child was to water the plants in the orchid house. My dad had built a wooden structure around a Flamboyant tree my parents kept their collection of orchids there. I think growing up with bright exotic colours has emerged from my imagination in later life as I try to recreate them with bold bright colours in my designs.

Design from the heart

I apply my illustration skills to designing work that really comes from my heart. Each one of my illustrations has a story behind it that is personal to me, but also is commonplace memory or a shared emotion. Customers will often share with me their particular favourite flower that has special meaning to them, and why they decide on a particular design when choosing a lampshade.

Escape to the Country

In 2021 my lampshades were featured in an episode of Escape to the Country, when I demonstrated how I make my lampshades. Since then my business has really grown, with orders from all over the UK. I have to admit to being slightly obsessed with lampshades - I notice they are in almost every scene of every film I watch! A lampshade is a great way to create a mood in a room, or add a dash of colour and vibrancy by bringing the outside indoors.

Love what you see here? Alison Bick's lampshade collection is available to buy online. Click here to have a browse.




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