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Explore the great outdoors this autumn

Autumn is well and truly here and what a fabulous time of year it is! Crisp afternoon walks in the golden sunlight followed by cozy evenings snuggled up with a blanket and a good book - just lovely...

Here, at The Upcycled Home Co we want you to make the most of the great outdoors this autumn and so have included a few of our favourite essentials for getting out and exploring, as well as an invitation for you to try something different - survival training with the brilliant team at Survival Wisdom...

Firstly, a couple of our favourite autumn essentials

Made from 100% vegan 'leather', these beautifully designed bags are ideal for filling with delicious food and outdoor essentials for your adventures this autumn. Sustainable, stylish and super useful - what's not to love?!

The perfect item to wrap around your shoulders after a brisk autumnal afternoon on the beach...Designed in Cornwall and made from 100% recycled cotton, it takes relaxation to a whole new level and is extremely versatile, too.

The adventures don't have to stop when things start to get chilly - this handy campfire kit is the perfect addition to any explorer's kit! Including everything you need to light your very own campfire, this little kit will help you keep making those memories, long after the sun has set.

And now for an introduction into survival training with Survival Wisdom

Why should I try survival training?

The point of survival training is not simply to equip people with skills they

may need in a life or death situation, though there are obvious benefits to

acquiring such skills, but to increase people’s ability to adapt and cope with

a range of situations throughout their lives.

Survival psychology requires people to hone their thinking skills, control

feelings of panic, and focus solely on the issues that they have the capacity

to do something about.

Some of the benefits

Being in green space can improve mood and result in a decrease in blood

pressure and muscle tension. *

Physical activity can offer benefits to those receiving cancer treatments

and can reduce the likelihood of breast and bowel cancer reoccurring. **

Exercising outdoors in natural and green spaces more beneficial to health

and wellbeing than indoor exercise. ***

* Natural Solutions for Tackling Health Inequalities’, Jessica Allen and Reuben Balfour, UCL Institute of Health Equity

** McMillan Cancer Support

*** The Physical and Mental Health Benefits of Green Exercise, Countryside Recreation on Network

About Survival Wisdom

Our team delivers experience based sessions that improve emotional wellbeing

in two ways:

  1. Increased resilience through experiential learning

  2. Reconnecting with the natural environment

We offer a range of tried and tested experiences:

  • Full and Half Day – affordable and to fit busy lives

  • 2 Day intensive courses providing a totally immersive experience

  • Bespoke courses, based on specific briefs and to defined budgets

  • Natural Navigation

  • Digital Detox

  • Carving Courses

  • Guided Discovery Walks

Kind words

“Knowing the way home is a good feeling. Take the time to get a better sense of
where you are, because knowing where you are makes it a whole lot easier to
head to where you want to go.”

Teri Hatcher - Actress and regular beneficiary of Survival Wisdom experiences

If you want to try something different this autumn, learn more about the great outdoors and help improve your mental wellbeing, click the link below to learn more about Survival Wisdom, and book in a course:

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