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A little introduction to The Upcycled Home Co team...

My name is Helen, the Founder and Owner of The Upcycled Home Co.

I’m super proud of how my business has evolved over the past 10 years. However, without the help of my amazing staff (both past & present) I most definitely would not be where I am today.

So I thought I’d take this opportunity to introduce to you my present team. Each one of them brings their own unique style of creativity, flair and passion which combine to make The Upcycled Home Co the experience you all enjoy today.

Over the years I am so happy to have supported hundreds of artisan makers and long may this continue as they truly are at the heart of what we do…Ethically Sourced, Artisan Made...

We all look forward to welcoming you soon!

But first, here’s a little about why I love living here…

Cornwall with its clean air, slower pace and peaceful spaces has helped me develop my sense of mindfulness - whether it’s walking with my dogs (and cat who thinks he’s a dog!) through the Cornish hedgerows and fields near my home, or spending time at my favourite coastal spa retreat, it constantly revives, refreshes and rejuvenates me.

Being a small business owner my work/life balance is incredibly important to me and I will admit I’ve not always achieved it! However, I’m glad to say that with the help of my team and the fact I’ve just discovered the joys of sea swimming (the physical and mental health benefits are amazing not to mention the views!) I’m feeling that I’m well on the way to the perfect equilibrium…

Helen's current favourite product...

Hey, my name is Nikki.

I love living in Cornwall because its been my home all my life and its such a pretty area and I feel so lucky to have spent my childhood here.

I love working at The Upcycled Home Co because I enjoy being apart of a small, local independent business that I can help and support though out the year and, of course, Helen is a fab boss!

If I could choose my favourite thing in the shop it would be the Nicky Sadler jewellery range - especially her ear rings. I love them so much I own several pairs!

Nikki's current favourite range...

Hello, I'm Kim,

I love living here on the Rame Peninsula, there is always a quiet nook to read a book in whilst looking out to sea…

We have a beautiful little community and the shop is part of that. I really enjoy it when someone finds something truly unique that just fits…for themselves or another person.

I also love it when people get their first 'Sarah Drew' it's a special moment in life…and the local Black Bee honey is delicious!

Kim's current favourite product...

Hi, I'm Jane,

I left Cornwall with a heavy heart in 1990, so was delighted to return in 2001 with my own family and my boys have grown up on the beautiful Rame peninsula.

I have worked and supplied the shop since 2014. I love opening the shop and inhaling the scents on entering. Each day we meet interesting people who appreciate the array of artisan made articles and carefully selected goods.

My favourite supplier is Sarah Drew, having collected sea glass for years, I love seeing fashioned into jewellery and have several pieces myself.

Jane's current favourite designer...

Hello, I'm Lillie,

I am originally from Worcestershire, but my family moved to Cornwall in 2008 after many years of holidaying down here. I studied in Lincoln & Leicester, first PR & Journalism and then Footwear Design – my true passion!

Now, I am currently back in Cornwall with my partner, as we are converting our Crafter van, Frank, into our future home, in the hope that we can do even more exploring.

I started working at The Upcycled Home Co. in May 2022, and even though I am relative newcomer, I am absolutely loving every second, the people, the surroundings and all the amazing, creative and imaginative crafts on sale here.

One of my favourite creators would have to be Natalie Toms, because I think her story is extremely inspirational. She has shown that we can battle obstacles and still get where we want to be. (If you want to read more about Natalie's inspirational journey, check out the guest blog post she wrote for us.)

Lillie's current favourite artist...

Hi, I'm Cire,

I absolutely love Cornwall and am so grateful that I get to call this beautiful place my home.

I run my own brand and website design business and started working for Helen back in 2020 when I redesigned her website and did some brand videography and photography.

I also currently manage some of the social and marketing aspects of The Upcycled Home Co and love seeing all the wonderful, sustainable and ethical products that Helen adds to the shop. I really love the Waterhaul range and think that creating sunglasses from 100% recycled Cornish fishing nets is amazing - I can't wait to get my first pair!

Cire's current favourite product...

So, there we are! My current team of wonderful women who all help make The Upcycled Home Co as special as it is. We'd absolutely love for you to pop in and say hi so, hopefully see you soon!

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