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The Winds Of Change

September is upon us and it's 'all change' here at The UCHCO. Change is hard, but beautiful. The trees know it's coming and have started to prepare for their yearly shed. The sea has started swelling and the winds have started changing, the air has a freshness in the evening and the rain smells sweet on the summer earth after the recent blast of sunshine.

We are great fans of the hygge vibe here, I find it comforting and safe when faced with change and darkness. The security of close friends, candlelight, cozy blankets, comfort food and familiar routines. Hot tea in the perfect mug after rainy walks, hot pots after crisp sunsets in warm hats, luxurious baths full of essential oils after long days and a hot fire for snuggly evenings under blankets.

I am leaving the Upcycled Home to continue my work in social care. It is a big change, from the safe family here at Mount Edgcumbe to the harsh realities that some people face in life. I am always grateful for the support that this community of creative, strong and caring people give to me; their warmth this summer has prepared me for the next step and I know the The UCHCO will always be there to wander around for inspiration and peace along with my favourite people.

And so... just like the trees... we prepare for change, and I intend to surround myself with hyggelichness and snuggly joy to see me through. Fortunately, this is something the Upcycled Home Co has in abundance from signature candles to the snuggliest of blankets and the warmest of welcomes should you visit us.

Happy hygge vibes to you all

Much Love

Kim x

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