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Helen's Top Five Sustainable Fashion Tips.

We all know the environmental impact of fashion is becoming a massive problem and I don’t know about you but I’m constantly overwhelmed by how many clothes I have….most of which I never wear!

So this weekend I had a HUGE clear-out, but what to do with the clothes I no longer want?

If your unwanted clothes are in great condition you obviously don’t want to add to the problem and throw them away but equally you don’t want them cluttering up your wardrobe. So I thought I’d look at a few ideas on how we can reuse our no longer need clothing...


Over the past few years textile waste has become a significant factor in waste management. Clothes have been produced that are not sustainable and therefore get thrown away after just a few years. New collections, styles and fashion trends add to this. Now that we are becoming more environmentally aware we have to take action and be personally responsible for our own indulgencies. This is where the reduce concept come in…here are a few tips to get you started.

women wearing repaired trousers
One of our regulars wearing a fabulous pair of trousers she had repaired!

  1. Instead of throwing away, mend! Save that treasured item of clothing by repairing it. There are hundreds of easy to follow videos online or join a mending workshop near you… you never know you might actually enjoy it, create a new hobby or make new friends.

  2. Choose quality over quantity. Prices may be higher on sustainable clothing, however they are made to last so it works out to be more economical than buying fast fashion pieces that will fall apart quickly and have a negative environmental impact.


Recycling is usually associated with plastics etc, however clothing can also be recycled into many other useful items such as bags, belts, rugs and some business like Patagonia and Nike even offer their own recycling programs. Check out your local recycling centre to see if they will accept unwanted clothing.

If you're the creative type, why not try creating your own repurposed item? There are plenty of easy DIY videos and tutorials online, but here are a few ideas for you:

  • tie dye is a great way to freshen up an old t-shirt

  • leftover materials make great scrunchies

  • a loved sweater can be turned into a cushion to snuggle up to

  • material scraps make a fab rag rug which will add an individual style to your home.


Sometimes the clothes we no longer want or need are just too good to repurpose or recycle. One of my absolute favourite ways to overcome this is to hold a swishing party.

Invite several friends and ask each of them to bring along 10 items of good quality clothing that they no longer use and try a clothes swap. It not only reduces waste, but when you add friends and a bottle of wine (or two) it’s a great way to spend an evening! You can try out different colours and styles too.

TIP: Remember to ask them to bring along a selection of sizes and styles so no one feels left out.

Free clothes, a fun time with friends and you're helping the planet - what’s not to love?


Good quality clothing and accessories can of course be donated but, when do you know it’s time to donate?

Well if you have not worn the item for a year or more then it’s time. Simple. Before donating, do make sure the item is in good repair, clean and ready for the next owner. You will not only be helping the environment but also others to be more thrifty and the beneficiaries of your chosen charity.


This can give you the opportunity to make some cash as well as move the unwanted item on to its next owner. There are plenty of online platforms that offer us the option to sell our unwanted items. You may also have a local clothing shop that offers to sell on your behalf for a percentage of the sale.

When selling online ensure you provide an accurate description of the item, including size, condition, colours etc. so the potential buyer can see exactly what they're buying and, whatever you're selling, always ensure it’s clean and worth the money!

TIP: Do remember when posting to use recycled packaging wherever possible.

At The Upcycled Home Co we are committed to help reduce waste and, with that in mind, check out our fab sustainable clothing ranges including our amazing unisex t-shirts made using REFIBRA. Upcycled cotton scraps from previous garment production which are made into cotton pulp. This is then added to wood pulp and the combined raw material is then made into Tencel Lyocell fibres…….so each garment is 100% Biodegradable!

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