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April's Eco Living Tips

This month, we have been focussed on all things eco to celebrate Earth Day on Thursday 22nd April.

Here are a few of my eco and earth friendly tips for you to try at home.

Use Mother Nature in all her glory to:

Boost your energy levels

Go for a long walk, a wild swim, or simply watch the birds from a window as they go about feeding their newborn chicks.

Detox your home

Thrown open your windows and doors and let the light and fresh air flood in. A good breeze flowing through your home can help eliminate odours, dust mites and soothe Khama.

Hang out!

Line drying your clothes not only conserves energy and reduces utility bills, it also makes your clothes smell fresher - not to mention the calories you will burn whilst doing it! Enjoy the whole experience, feel the breeze, smell the air... make it a meditative moment, not a stressful one.

Be an eco gardener

Make your own natural garden pest spray using a recipe from Clean Sweep by Alison Hanes:

Use this spray for aphids, mites, and small caterpillars. Will also provide some natural fungicide protection.

  • 85g (3oz) chopped garlic bulbs

  • 2 tablespoons mineral oil

  • 7g (1/4 oz) soap

  • 600ml (1pint) water

  1. Soak garlic in mineral oil for 24hrs

  2. Dissolve soap in water and slowly add to garlic mixture

  3. Strain through fine gauze and store in China or glass container

  4. Dilute 1 part mix to 50 parts water.

I'd love to hear if you've tried any of these tips, or if you have some of your own you'd like to share.

Thanks for reading, Helen

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