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Summer Holidaze

Memories of summer holidays for me involve getting outside rain or shine, helping my parents around the house and garden and jumping in the rivers.

I learnt so much in summer holidays about life and the world around me. I remember rainy days spent making round the world badges, learning about animals and nature, making fact files and planning adventures. Not that much has changed!

Ellie Jackson has captured my heart as she shares stories through her Wild Tribe Heroes series. Honest, yet positive and inspiring, the stories weave tales of climate change, plastic pollution and deforestation with happy endings and ideas to take forward into life whilst treading carefully and supporting change.

Laura Collwood's and Liz Oldmeadow's illustrations bring the characters and stories of Marli the Puffin, Duffy the Turtle, Nelson the Whale, Buddy the Orangutan, Sunny the Koala, and Hunter the Polar Bear to life. The characters are all brought into cuddly reality, now they have their own 100% recycled mascots. They are 'SO cuddly, SO soft and SO cute' I agree with the young people testing them out today! KeelEco have cleverly made all aspects of these huggable friends recycled, including the label and the iconic red tag.

The idea of a cuddly friend and getting really into their story, the bigger picture and practical ideas to support the themes in the books will keep young ones occupied for hours. Each book cleverly weaves in all sorts of ideas plante friendly ideas for young people plus things to do at home and on summer holidays.

It is incredible seeing generations of superheroes growing up to protect, love and appreciate the natural world around us in a positive and fun way. I am incredibly grateful for the work everyone does in this field and making the future brighter for all our little ones.

Help some one you know become a Wild Tribe Hero today...

Thanks for reading,

Kim xx

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