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Guest Post: Anouska from The Cornish Surfer

The call of the sea... a family business that dreams big.

So who are the people behind the The Cornish Surfer. Well we are Anouska & Matt. We grew up independently from each other in a small fishing village on the south coast of Cornwall and pretty much spent our child hood on the beach playing in the rock pools and waves and filling baskets with driftwood from the beach for pocket money.

We both had a lengthy successful career in London. but Living life in London wasn’t easy and came with many challenges. We both had extremely busy work lives. Anouska worked in Advertising as an International TV Producer and Matt was covering news stories around the world, so our work life balance was out of sync.

The Idea behind The Cornish Surfer was first hatched on The 7am Monday morning packed commuter train from Datchet to Waterloo. A journey that always made me feel like I was where I didn’t belong. I spent years on this train plotting ideas in my notebook emblazoned with the motto ‘Dream Big’ that a friend had given me. So when life took us away from our roots we snatched every opportunity we could to come back home to the ocean. To ride the waves and to breathe in the salty air that we so longed for.

When we finally moved back to Cornwall to start our own family, The Cornish Surfer was born! It was important to me to create a brand that others could benefit from. We all need a touch of luxury in our busy lives. Now anyone who shares our love of the ocean, and our love of Cornwall, can take a little piece of coastal comfort back home with them to remind them of their stay.

Check out our range of The Cornish Surfer blankets, mugs and cups that I have in store and online.

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