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Celebrating Cornwall

I love my lifestyle living in Cornwall where I was lucky enough to be brought up from day dot and I feel incredibly lucky to be surrounded by so much beauty on my doorstep.

In my spare time I enjoy being by, in or on the sea - swimming and paddleboarding is where I'm my happiest.

Whilst I'm out and about ,loving the sea and beaches, the creative side of me starts exploring to find washed up sea pottery and other treasures which I turn into unique pieces of Cornish art for others to enjoy.

I take my inspiration from my surroundings, enjoying long coastal walks most evenings. I find Cornish the lifestyle vibrant, energising and raw, the beauty of my surroundings is breathtaking. I'm also a keen photographer which I use for my prints and postcards range.

I hope my work brings joy to others and gives them a tiny piece of this amazing place to takeaway with them evoking memories of the beautiful place I get to call home.


Founder of Seapops

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