Handmade in small batches in cornwall.

'Nibs' are simply pieces of cocoa bean with the shell and husk removed.  The beans used for this bar are a native variant fron the Akesson owned Fazenda Sempre Firme Plantation in Bahia, eastern Brazil.


The nibs are lightly caramalised to preseve their flavour and texture when folded into 70% Dark Peruvian chocolate, delivering bursts of complex cacao flavour in every bite.

Early notes of red fruits and hazelnut with a hum of toasted cacao nibs.  Lingering caramel and earthy cocoa flavours finally give way to a warming glow of cinnamon.

Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar and cinnamon.

To accentuate the beans natural woody and earthy notes, the nibs are toasted with Sri Lankan Ceylon Cinnamon infusing the nibs with its rich aroma, before the toasted nibs are sealed within a cinnamon sugar crust.

74% Dark chocolate, 70g bar.

Plastic Free packaging, Slavery Free, Award winning, Fair Trade, Vegan Friendly

Chocolarder Handmade Cornish Chocolate Cinnamon Toasted Nibs

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