This pure copper bottle offers up sustainability without compromising on style.
Lightweight and leak-proof, this zero waste water bottle keeps you hydrated with refreshing, ice cold water all day long. 

Copper is not only a natural, sustainable material, but it has also long been associated with health and wellbeing. It's been known for centuries that copper will kill bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and we now know that it can help reduce inflammation, improve digestion and even boost your immune system. How cool is that?


  • 100% pure copper
  • 600 ml capacity
  • Airtight screw top lid
  • Subtle WAKEcup engraved logo
  • Not suitable for hot drinks
  • Not dishwasher safe


For the outside of the bottle, simply use lemon juice to clean. For the inside, squeeze half a lemon into the bottle, add 1 tablespoon of salt, 1/2 a cup of water, close the lid and shake thoroughly! Pour this mixture out and rinse the bottle with clean water. 


Copper Water Bottle

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