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A great month for The Upcycled Home Co

Well May is certainly a spring in the right direction for us at The Upcycled Home Co!

Featured in Platinum Magazine

We have a lovely four page spread in the Dream Interiors & Gardens supplement for the May issue of Platinum magazine where I’m talking about all things Upcycled Home Co! It gives you a little insight into how my journey to where I am now began, why I started it, and some interior design tips and eco friendly living advice too.

Upcycled, Eco Friendly & Sustainable

The main reason I created The Upcycled Home Co was to give consumers a choice to use affordable eco friendly and sustainable items in their lifestyle and re educate our throw away society. I’m so pleased to be part of the huge shift in attitude towards pollution and our environment, not to mention the rekindled love for all things handmade. By supporting our artisan makers we are ensuring skilled crafts are not lost forever and can have something not only beautiful but unique too.

Plastic Free Plymouth

The second event to happen is we are the FIRST a business to be awarded a GOLD award by Plastic Free Plymouth. As part of the global fight against plastic pollution Environment Plymouth is a partner in Plymouth’s Plastic Free Task group and leads on the action theme in the city’s plan for plastics. As Britain’s Ocean city Plymouth local organisations are working together to tackle the issues of single use plastics and plastic pollution.

The Upcycled Home Co is lucky enough to be situated just across the water from Plymouth on the beautiful Mount Edgcumbe Country Park that is part run by Plymouth City Council. The park is also committed to supporting the plastic free movement and as such The Upcycled Home Co made our pledge over a year ago, which we have since achieved, and continue to strive to be as plastic free as possible.

Our Plastic Free Pledge

Since opening over 10 years ago, amongst many other things, we reuse donated packaging and encourage our customers to do the same.

Simple changes we made we to use recycled bamboo cups in our staff room, and plastic free pens in our office. We continue to support a huge range of sustainable artisans and offer our customers an exciting range of eco friendly living ideas and gifts.

Two recent additions to these are from a Cornish based company called Waterhaul who make sunglasses and litter pickers from recycled ghost netting washed up on Cornish beaches. Check out our online shop for more details on these and for other inspiring lifestyle ideas and gifts.

Top 3 Plastic Free Lifestyle tips:

Here are 3 ways I live a plastic free lifestyle and offset my plastic footprint:

Buy at local farmers markets they very rarely use plastic packaging, or better still grown your own and cut out all packaging I use Trerulefoot Local Produce market which is situated in the grounds of Kernow Mill every Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10-4 and they always have an amazing range of locally grown/ handmade produce.

Whilst you're shopping, why not swap a plastic carrier bag for a reusable eco shopper like our fab Bee Kind cotton tote…

Use a reusable coffee cup - so simple!

Our range of plastic free coffee cups are the worlds first recycled coffee cups made from recycled single use coffee cups.

And remember you don’t have to go plastic free over night! Just choose the easiest things for you to replace and have a go!

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